Plenary Lectures - EMPRC - European Mineral Processing and Recycling Congress 2020
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Important Deadlines:
30th, 2019
Deadline for submission of abstracts
27th, 2019
Acceptance of papers will be made public
29th, 2019
Submit manuscript for peer review
28th, 2020
Deadline for final manuscript
29th, 2020
Deadline for presenters to register for the conference

Plenary Speakers

confirmed by now:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Daniels
Technische Universität Georg Agricola, Germany
Digital fusion of the extraction and processing processes into a product-oriented value chain

Prof. Dr. Tobias Elwert
Duesenfeld GmbH, Germany
Processing options for spent lithium-ion batteries

Dr. Ina Meyer
Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Austria
Economic and environmental impacts of waste and resource management

Assessor des Bergfachs Dipl.-Ing.Walter Nelles
Bundesverband Mineralische Rohstoffe e. V., Germany
On the situation of German aggregates industry – numbers, dates, facts

Dr. Jörg Reichert
Ceritech AG, Germany
Building a rare earth producer without mining. Project development using a low-cost innovative approach.