Plenary Lectures - EMPRC - European Mineral Processing and Recycling Congress 2020
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Important Deadlines:
28th, 2020
Deadline for final manuscript
29th, 2020
Deadline for presenters to register for the conference

Plenary Speakers

confirmed by now:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Daniels
Technische Universität Georg Agricola, Germany
Digital fusion of the extraction and processing processes into a product-oriented value chain

Prof. Dr. Tobias Elwert
Duesenfeld GmbH, Germany
Processing options for spent lithium-ion batteries

Dr. Ina Meyer
Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Austria
Economic and environmental impacts of waste and resource management

Assessor des Bergfachs Dipl.-Ing.Walter Nelles
Bundesverband Mineralische Rohstoffe e. V., Germany
On the situation of German aggregates industry – numbers, dates, facts

Dr. Jörg Reichert
Ceritech AG, Germany
Building a rare earth producer without mining. Project development using a low-cost innovative approach.