Letter of Invitation - EMPRC - European Mineral Processing and Recycling Congress 2020
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Important Deadlines:
30th, 2019
Deadline for submission of abstracts
27th, 2019
Acceptance of papers will be made public
29th, 2019
Submit manuscript for peer review
28th, 2020
Deadline for final manuscript
29th, 2020
Deadline for presenters to register for the conference

Letter of Invitation


Upon specific request, GDMB will send a letter of invitation to the authors of papers, presenters of posters and to persons, who wish to attend EMPRC 2020. Prerequisite for it is the prior payment of the conference registration fee and, for the authors and presenters of posters, in addition the prior submission to GDMB of the manuscript and/or poster.

Please contact the Organizing Committee of GDMB to express your wish of obtainment of a letter of invitation. The letter of invitation will be on a personal basis.

The following information is required: full name, ID or passport number, place and date of birth, place and date of issue and expiry (copy of ID or passport).


The transport of the documents is carried out with regular mail. If a delivery by courier is desired we charge the additional costs, at least 50 EURO.