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Save the Date

We are glad that – due to the consistently positive feedback by the participants in 2018 – we are able to announce that in June 2020 the conference will go into the second round.

Not only will the circle of participants be expanded and the internationality further increased, but also the exhibition accompanying the congress will be extended. In addition to the current promotion possibilities in the form of brochure stands and banners, in the future exhibition booths will be offered.

The 2nd European Mineral Processing and Recycling Congress – EMPRC 2020 is going to take place from 14 - 17 June 2020 in Aachen, Germany.

It is an international, peer-reviewed conference with focus on all aspects related to the physical and physico-chemical processing of primary and secondary raw materials. The aim of the conference is to gather professionals from industry, universities and research institutions to exchange, analyze and discuss the most recent innovations and developments of our industry. EMPRC 2020 addresses the following main topics:

General topics:

• Process economics
• Environmental issues 
• Social and political acceptance
• Disposal of residues
• Wear Protection
• Maintenance

Raw materials:

• Metallic and non-metallic ores
• Tailings & dumps
• Landfill mining
• MSWI bottom ashes
• Production wastes
• Consumer wastes
• Soil decontamination

Process technology:

• Raw material characterization
• Comminution
• Mechanical activation
• Classifying
• Sorting and sieving
• Magnetic separation
• Density separation
• Froth flotation
• Sensor based sorting
• Agglomeration
• Dewatering
• Process water treatment
• Process simulation